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Picture this: You’ve got a whole bunch of photos and you really would like to get them on display in your home. Or perhaps you’ve got a friend you’d love to make a wedding keepsake for. Maybe you’ve always wanted to scrapbook but didn’t know where to begin.

Now picture this: You’ve got over a dozen full video tutorials, numerous resources, and several PDF files so that no matter the photo project you can tackle it with style and options. No matter your experience or preference – this is a class just for you! My inspiration came from a recent celebration and the desire to create a photo gift on my own. Nothing digital or fancy. The recipient was so floored by the gift I got to thinking: how else can I be sharing photos?

Photo frame * ornament * mini-book from scratch * magnet * photo clip display * tips for traditional and pocket page scrapbooking * mixed media frame * photo card * and more!

In addition to video tutorials for specific projects, and information on substituting products and making style changes, this class will have a wealth of support video and typed lessons covering topics from archival safe materials to organizing; better photography tips to determining the right photo project for your needs. In short, this class is going to be packed with content and all about preserving (short and long term!) those photos and memories – and how we can share them with loved ones as well.

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