2014 has been full of creative revelations, one of the biggest being the discovery that inside a plain journal I can find all kinds of creative potential. This class has been brewing in my mind for months, and I’m so excited to be bringing it to you in 2015.

From sketching out an idea for a canvas piece to doodles, ranting my problems to self affirmations, my journal is a safe space. It is a place where there are no rules, limits, or even guidelines. Absolutely anything can happen and the potential for self discovery and growth is huge. As a creative person, of course. But I also speak as someone who has had some personal revelations and worked through tough issues through my journal.

Just a paper and writing utensil is all you’ll need on this guided journey. Every 5 days (approximately) a new focus will be given, and a new prompt provided. Students can take this course at their own pace, but working in order will be recommended. Whether you are looking to try the art of journaling creatively for the first time, are trying to release creative potential, or simply want to try a new guided series of journal entries this is a course for you.

This class is designed so students may work at their own pace.

Class includes:

  • More than 12 video lessons with May Flaum, including art journal process, discussion of prompts, techniques and more.
  • Getting started primer and reference guide
  • PDF file with lesson summaries, notes, etc.
  • email access to May Flaum
  • message board to interact with fellow students
  • additional 3 (PDF file) lessons with guest instructor Tracy Tierney

This will be a self paced course and the classroom will not close at the completion of class. This class will also contain bonus materials from special guest artist Tracy Tierney, without whom I wouldn’t have dreamed up this class.

This class is now available for registration ($25). Click here to register.