Camp Scrap 2017

Many years ago I had an idea. What if the fun of summer camp could be harnessed for us crafty folks… but in an online class? Full of project and ideas, inspiration and prizes – but zero assignments, must do, or pressure. Camp Scrap was born! In the years since I’ve taught many variations on this idea and this summer I’m thrilled to tell you it is back… and it is free!

I’ve got all kinds of info and FAQ to share with you here.

Where and what exactly is Camp Scrap?

Every day on my blog from June 19-July 17 a new post will be added, featuring a craft project tutorial of some kind, usually with a video. There will be a daily prize (see below), and I’ve got a facebook group going to encourage a community feel and to be able to share our creations (see below). The schedule for Camp Scrap is:

Monday: Make a Plan
Tuesday: Card making
Wednesday: Inspired by
Thursday: Memory Keeping
Friday: Mixed Media
Saturday: Stamping
Sunday: Round-up of any winners, links to projects inspired by Camp Scrap, and other “news” for the week.

There are no set assignments for Camp Scrap, however I will give suggestions and prompts that you’re welcome to use! This is a stress-free zone so feel free to be inspired by or create as much or as little as you like. As these are blog posts they’ll be available this week, next month, or in a year for reference.

How do I sign up?

If you want the posts delivered via email, sign up for my blog posts delivered this way (link on the side-bar of this very page). You can also just check my blog daily for new content. Want more? Join in our facebook group for chatting with fellow creatives!

How can I win a prize?

There are several ways – and DOZENS of prizes so you won’t want to miss out. EVERY day of Camp Scrap there will be a prize drawn from the comments left on the blog post. Some days the prize is sponsored, and will be formally spoken of. Other days? It’s just for those of you “in the know” and you’ll know to leave a comment so that you’re entered!! The prize drawings are open to all – so long as it is legal to enter where you are from.

How can I share my creation?

You’re welcome to post to any on-line gallery, the facebook group, Instagram, your own blog, or anywhere else! If you tag me (@craftwithmay) or shoot me an email with a link (craftwithmay at then I can check it out and leave you a comment! I also enter you into bonus prizes (see below) and also I’m happy to share your link(s) with the community in my Sunday blog posts where I will feature “spotted” projects! Note I’ll do my best to get as many as I can as well as leave everyone a comment but as I’m a one woman show I could miss something. Feel free to email me if I miss yours – I don’t mind at all and I definitely want to see what you make!!

Secret bonus prizes?!

There is more. Like Craft With May on Facebook and leave comments on posts there, follow and leave Craft with May Instagram comments on new posts, or share Camp Scrap inspired creations (tag/link back to me so I know!) and you’ll be entered EVEN MORE TIMES for the special happy mail, prizes, and goodies I’ve been collecting. I will jot notes of user names & add these surprise winners to the weekly blog page so watch those!

One more question…

I’m sure there are many more. If you think of them – email and ask! I will update/add to this page as well.

Happy Crafting!