All classes include video instruction, photos and details about all projects, and email access to me as well. For more specifics and details, click on the links below to check out each class! New and upcoming classes will be added here regularly, and if you’d like to get notification of new courses be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

Scrapbooking the Journey

This is my latest & biggest class ever! This class is currently live with new lessons being loaded through early 2019. Click here to learn more and to register. 




Creative Fitness

Brand new for spring 2018, Creative Fitness is all about getting those ideas out of your head and into reality! From idea starters to how I beat and more than 20 video lessons this class is perfect for every paper crafter looking for inspiration! Click here to learn more and to register.



True Story

Stories can be wonderful, uplifting, inspiring, heartbreaking – and everything in between. In this class we will cover styles of writing, project styles – and a world of creative possibilities. Click here for more info and to register.


supply2From buttons to washi and everything in between – we’ve got you covered! Over 55 projects and loads of ideas from a variety of instructors this is the #1 most popular class of all time here at Craft with May! Click here for more information and to get started. 


vacationMay’s guide: The Vacation Album

Starting with an entire batch of unedited photos and a stack of ephemera, in this course I will walk you through the process of turning one epic trip into a cohesive album. Note that you could absolutely choose to work on any event, or even a period of time for this class you don’t have to be working on a vacation.

Picture This is my newest class featuring all new ideas for all of your photo projects from scrapbooks to frames and everything in between. Now available for registration click here for information. 



In the Details

This class explores the wonderful world of embellishments – and how to get more of them incorporated on your projects in ways that best suit your own style. A self-paced class, it explores a vast array of styles and project types.




Dozens of projects. HOURS of video. And my newest online offering. Kittastic 2016 is now available here.




Tried & True Scrapbook Layouts

When it comes to scrapbook designs, there are a few that work every time! This class features 18 new and exclusive layouts as well as video lessons working through design ideas, sketches, and past layout examples.



Tried & True Card Designs

After working for years to figure out what wasn’t working in my card making, I came across a number of ways that I can create beautiful cards without fail. In this class I will explore these ideas, as well as invite several guests to share their tried & true cardmaking ideas.


artjournal Finding the Art in my Journal

In this course we will go on a guided journey through art journaling and unlock new potential, try new things, and embrace all that is wonderful about our creative selves.

I also have a few free classes – stay tuned!

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