Creative Fitness: An all new class

Have you ever purchased the perfect products but not made the project? Ever started something crafty and abandoned it? You’re not alone! While I may not expect to ever finish every creative thought I ever have, I have been working on my creative fitness and I have a lot of ideas that I think will help you live your best crafty life. Creativity is like a muscle – it can grow only with regular exercise! Even with five minutes here and there you can make a dent in your project wish list, and you can be creating wonderful scrapbook pages, cards, and more in minutes.

This class will include quick ideas, color inspiration, product challenges, a PDF file with 101 additional idea starters, and so much more. I have this designed this class to be perfect for all types of paper crafters – and new projects galore. For me finding inspiration has always come easily, but finding time to put it into action is the hard part! In this class I will break down my projects, ideas, tips, and so much more to help you on your own path to creative productivity.

I can’t stop crafting and I’m using up my stash, feeling inspired, and finishing scrapbook albums that I’ve meant to complete for years!

My online classes always include “set your own pace” access, any time viewing so you don’t have to be in a rush or worry about the timeline. Let things work for your own schedule. I also keep my studio door open (aka my email) for ALL of your questions, and to help you with your own crafting projects and problems. It is my favorite part!

If you are looking to jump start your creativity, get yourself to finish a big project, or just want some fresh craft inspiration this is a class for you! All levels of paper crafting are welcome, and no specific supplies are required to fully enjoy class.

Included in this class:

  • 5 “quick start” video lessons to kick off class
  • 101 idea starters PDF file
  • 3 weekly challenges/prompts with full video tutorial lessons- a total of 18 videos
  • Unlimited access to the instructor via email for help with all crafty things!
  • FAQ/Request video lesson at end of class
  • Bonus challenges (with prizes) throughout class
  • Weekly emails (while class runs) with classroom updates
  • Weekly emails after class ends for 3 months with additional idea starters

The fun starts… now! The quick start video lessons are up now, and the first batch (3) weekly lessons will begin April 2.  This class will run live through May 2018, and remain available for you to view, participate in, and enjoy at your own pace after that.

Click here to register for $30

Have questions? Email craftwithmay @ any time! Whether about this class or crafting in general – I am always happy to hear from you.

Student testimonial:

for anyone contemplating this class, it is fantastic! There is already a TON of materials in the classroom. I really like how May has structured the class as well – each week she challenges herself to use a colour, a product type and a colour medium. So there are tons of ideas for all sorts of projects. Plus there is a great PDF full of ideas to either use certain products, story starters, etc. And there is also a whole page of 5 minute ideas with a nice 5 minute video for each idea. So you can watch the video and do something creative in just 10 minutes!