Creative Fitness

Hey guys! Ok so each week I’m going to challenge myself. A certain exercise style, an art journal challenge, and more.

Disclaimer: I am doing this 100% for personal happiness & health. EVERYTHING I write, say, or video is geared to my own self, my own goals. I am never thinking about nor judging ANYONE else. I want to make this as unedited, raw, and real as possible so I can’t sit here thinking about if someone might take something the wrong way. So understand whatever I say, I’m addressing to me, myself, and I. I’m not talking about, dissing, or otherwise judging ANY lifestyle. In fact: that’s kind of the point of this exercise. I need to see what else is out there, what others try, and what ultimately will help me be a healthier me. 

The problem: I’m not happy with ME, and I’m a huge high maintenance pain in my own behind. What do I mean? For example I can’t just tell myself to do and stick with something cold turkey. I get bored, I get annoyed, I get resentful that I “have” to do this commitment. I have a lot of commitments already so to make something a chore or feel like it’s a chore? Well that’s bad.

Ok… how do I make myself rework my work flow, carve out more creative time, make sure I’m eating really healthy, and generally maximizing my chances for success without making it seem to my own mind that I’m being mean or judgmental or forcing anything?

It’s a question I’ve asked for months and I came up with an idea. An idea I don’t hate, that will be different every week, and that I’ll share with you: CREATIVE FITNESS. From fitness to creativity (craft projects) to my own health… I am getting creative with the approach by seeing each week as a unique challenge. I’m talking creative & craft habits, food, exercise, all of it.

As Mary Poppins once said: in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.

So: Creative Fitness was born. Because the top 3 (diet, exercise, crafting) areas of my life I’m NOT happy about my own habits and what I am and am not getting done I decided to make it a game. Make it FUN. Each week I will update/add to this page & make a video as well documenting results.

Current week: I am keeping food steady (pure, nutritious, avoiding most grains + all forms of sugar) in order to PUMP UP the other two areas.  Filling art journal with information about the awesome ideas & suggestions you’ve had already for me so I have them all in one place is the goal, and FINISHING my NYC scrapbook! Exercise will engage in a “boot camp” with kids during their week off school.

About the salads: mixed greens, spinach, micro greens, cucumber, apple, dried fruit, nuts, lentil, pinto, garbanzo, other beans, salami, chicken, boiled egg, a few wonton strips, red onion, tomato, corn, carrot, shredded broccoli and brussle sprouts, and more it depends on what is in stock here in the house. Always with oil/vinegar dressing lightly drizzled, never with croutons, ranch, or cheese (or former fave salad ingredients).

Week 1: I DOMINATED the challenge of eating no sugar or flour. Oh, I wanted it. But I just didn’t have those two things. This was the only challenge I succeeded in. My other two were a daily walk (1 of 7 days actually done) and to draw an eyeball in my art journal daily (ZERO). WHY did the hardest challenge end up being the one that worked? I believe because I didn’t have to actively do anything. I just had to *Not* eat something.

Week 2: One cheat meal (epic Super Bowl eats) all other meals ALL week are 100% nutritious. Exercise: I’m accepting ANY exercise from myself just to make myself do something daily. The creative challenge is that I work from 11-2 on existing projects each day. I will get more wild with the creative challenges, but this week after reviewing last week’s total fails my goal is “just start” 100% success but see I need to get both more specific and challenge myself more creative + fitness wise to keep this rolling….

Week 3: Fail 100%, and yet I rocked it. food wise on track (yes!) and I got a LOT of behind the scenes creative work and desk clearing done. Also took dogs on a lot of walks.

They say the hardest step is the first, right? So here’s to a ROCKIN 2018. I am nervous about opening up and sharing this all with you- but I’m excited about the potential!!

NEXT: got suggestions? Ideas? I have some wilder ideas and fun but I’m always up for a good challenge!! Shoot me an email craftwithmay at gmail dot com and let me know!