If you sign up for a class or my newsletter, I’m gonna need a name & email so I can keep you informed! Nothing nefarious and I don’t go signing you up for catalogs or email lists or anything else. Protecting my fabulous students is a priority – which is why I use WordPress, MailChimp, Google, and PayPal. If you’d like to read any more about all this fun regulations stuff… click here. 

What is an online class?

On-line classes are classes that are held, well, on-line! In my case, I used to offer online classes here! This site is still up/running I’m just taking some time to pause and redesign a few things. No classes are currently available for registration.

How do I gain access to my classes?

Visit your account page and sign in, this will show you links to classes you’ve signed up for.

Can I send you something in the mail?

My mailing address is May Flaum Designs LLC, 770 L Street Suite 950 Sacramento, CA 95814

Don’t see the answer to your question? Feel free to email me (craftwithmay@gmail.com)  and ask!