Scrapbooking the big vacation

What is almost as fun as taking a trip? Scrapbooking it!

For three decades documenting vacations, family gatherings, and other momentous events has been one of my great joys. That said, it can be overwhelming! What size album should you choose? How can you work with a formal photo enlargement? Where is ephemera appropriate? If incorporating a lot of photos, how can you balance style and fun?

All of this, and so much more will be covered in this epic and all new online scrapbooking class!

What is it?

This online class focuses on making a 12×12 scrapbook filled with ephemera, photos, themed product – and everything in between! You will follow my journey as I plan, create, and finish an entire scrapbook album based on one lengthy vacation. Within the classroom there will be video lessons, sketches, PDF files filled with tips and worksheets for your own scrapbooks, and more.  This class will be “live” covering a 3 week trip of a lifetime for me. This means that I will be creating an entire scrapbook (or three) during this class!

What will be covered?

During this class there will be a mix of dozens of videos and typed lessons with lots of photographs and tips. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • ephemera/memorabilia
  • themed products (such as stickers, papers, etc)
  • detailed planning/project organization tips
  • worksheet for album/project flow
  • photo enlargements
  • scrapbook pages with large stories
  • 2-page scrapbook pages
  • pocket page scrapbooking
  • sketching (and sketches of) scrapbook layout designs
  • photo organization
  • developing a cohesive album
  • chronological vs other story telling methods
  • tools for on the road/temporary documenting
  • scrapbooking techniques (from stitching to inks, paper piecing to paint)

… and so much more! This class will follow my entire process as well as provide  content designed to help you make the most of your own scrapbooking experience.

How does it work? 

You will have access immediately to the classroom when signing up (email if you encounter any problems) – and the initial information and video lessons (PDF files for getting organized, tips and suggestions for picking an album size, etc) will all be available. There are also lessons available at this time of me organizing and starting this album. Then, as new lessons are added you will be emailed with each update to view at your leisure.

There are no supplies required for this class – you’re welcome to use any and everything, work in any style, and just have fun! I am available to help you with your scrapbooks at any time via email. I really  believe in having FUN with my scrapbooks and I hope to share my ideas and enthusiasm with you in this class.

This class is currently being offered at the early bird price of  $75  $55. Note that the price will continue to go up and soon! This is an enormous, long term, content packed class!

Click here to register 

This class is currently live:

Over 50 Scrapbook layouts both pocket page and traditional, single and double page spreads, documenting an entire (epic!) trip. Every single page I create for my album will have a video lesson, as well as photo + notes are being added to the classroom through early 2019.

Note: This class has a question mark for finish date – but students will be kept updated with detailed syllabus/schedule and know based on our progress made (and final # of layouts above and beyond I go!)  how long this class will run. Expect approximately 6 months of scrapbook layouts and tutorials – it could be longer. At NO additional charge! 

Still want more information? Here’s a recap of everything included in this class. For more information or questions feel free to contact me at

This class includes: 

  • Dozens of video lessons covering all stages of creating a vacation scrapbook as well as techniques and tutorials
  • Multiple PDF files containing sketches, tips, worksheets, and more
  • A MINIMUM of 40 Scrapbook page tutorials ranging from simple to pocket pages to complex layouts
  • Self paced – meaning once content is posted you are welcome to go at your own pace!
  • Detailed and regularly updated content schedule
  • Video walk-through of finished album
  • Unlimited email access to me with any/all creative questions
  • Regular email and classroom updates