From small adventures to big moments, great achievements to special details we all have stories to tell. Memory keeping and scrapbooking is a broad and wonderful world of possibilities and in this class we will not only create but also really dive into the all important stories. From bullet journaling to letter writing, artful journaling to simple words to support the photos this class will cover it all from writing styles to project and creative options.

Whether you are just beginning your story telling journey, trying to rekindle your passion for memory keeping, or simply looking for fresh ideas this class is for you. Finding and figuring out how best to tell your stories will be discussed, specific new scrapbook pages, journal entries, and other memory keeping projects will be shown, shared, and explained as well. Lead instructor May Flaum has assembled a group of fantastic guest instructors to share their stories, ideas, and best tips as well.

Guest instructors include… Ashli Oliver, Becki Adams, Heba Alsibai, Krista Wells, Lilith Eeckels, Nancy Nally, Paige Evans, Stephanie Howell, Theresa Doan

This class will be packed with inspiration, content, and everything you need to start documenting your own stories. This is a self-paced class so you are welcome to enjoy the content during and after the class ends! No rush – just happy crafting and loads of ideas.

What students are saying…

Love how you’re giving everyone permission to let go of perfection! I really like how you continue to send this message – Roxanne

I have loved every class I have taken with May! My favorite thing is that she really is available to answer questions by email! It’s like having a crafting buddy right there! – Deb

Your guest presenters are so inspiring… You have clearly explained your different formats and when you use them and this is just what I need to move me beyond the frozen state I’m in now. – Isabell

I am loving this class…  I am loving the guest perspectives too. – Jenny

This class is being offered for $34 and is open for registration now.

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Class includes…

  • Intro video lesson on styles of memory keeping and options from journals to scrapbooks
  • Video lesson sharing lead instructor May Flaum’s all time favorite story projects
  • Video lessons on finding and curating your stories, where lead instructor May Flaum will take you through her process
  • Video tutorials on different writing approaches and styles with full scrapbook/memory keeping projects
  • Bonus content from May Flaum to enrich class lessons
  • Guest instructors sharing specific techniques, styles, and outlooks of their own as well as projects of their own
  • Facebook group where students can share photos, projects, and stories
  • PDF file with story starters and inspiration
  • PDF file for hard to tell and sensitive topic stories
  • Link resource page with links to great articles and resources around the web
  • Email access to instructor May Flaum – unlimited!

There are NO required supplies for this class. Students will be encouraged to work with the items they have on hand! Class materials will remain in the classroom, and students are welcome to revisit lessons as often as they like as well as work at their own pace.

This class is being offered for $34.

Click here to register for True Story