In November 2014 my family went on a long vacation that included a short cruise, and a full week at the most magical place on earth (Disney World). Upon arriving home and viewing over 3,000 photos and several inches of ephemera I could have panicked. How would I ever sort through all this? When would I find the time to tell these stories? What about that half finished vacation journal I began?

Ah, but not to worry. You see when it comes to making (and yes, even finishing) an album I have a system, and I am going to share it with you in this class. In this class filled with videos and projects I will share how to take a seemingly epic task and turn it into a beautiful scrapbook album. I will create single, double, and pocket page style pages for this album and discuss everything from getting organized to design tips to ephemera use.


This class is  available as a self-paced course. Click here to register for $45

This class will also feature the work of Ashli Oliver, Jennifer Chapin, Paige Evans, Janna Werner, Sian Fair, and Patricia Roebuck. These guest instructors will be sharing their own projects ranging from mini books to traditional layouts

There are no requirements for this course, nor do you need to focus on a vacation! The ideas I will share would work well for any big event, or even creating a scrapbook for a specific period of time. This class will include:

  • Many hours of video lessons, including layout tutorials and viewing past albums/layouts
  • Over 40 new (exclusive!) layouts created for this class
  • 6 guest instructors will share projects (ranging from mini books to pocket pages to traditional layouts) and their top tips for vacation scrapbooking
  • PDF file for getting organized and started
  • Unlimited email access to instructor

This class is available as a self-paced course. Click here to register for $45


The video lessons and classroom pages will cover everything from sorting photos to ephemera, how to recall the details to journaling prompts, and so much more! This is going to be one huge class full of content – you won’t want to miss out!